Women Marathon Runners: Our Storyposted on May 1, 2019

women-marathon-runnersWe’re excited by our post today because we’re going to share with you the stories of two women marathon runners within our own company. If you’ve been checking out or blog recently, then you know that we’ve started to feature the stories of powerful women in sports because these are the stories that have not been told anywhere near enough.

Within our business, we have two extraordinary women and senior executives who are runners and have decided to challenge themselves by running their first marathon in January 2020, which is the Walt Disney World Marathon. Courtney Eaton is the president of our logistics company, and Angela Foglesong is our vice president for branding, and as she says, she “makes things look pretty.” The dynamic pair will be running with Angela’s husband, Brian Basham, who serves our country in the National Guard and is affectionately regarded as the “Energizer Bunny,” because he’s always doing something.

Harry Potter, Disney and a Marathon

If you know Courtney and Angela, then you know that they love Disney and are avid fans of Universal Orlando Resort’s Harry Potter experience. So it only stands to reason that these two women decided to make the Disney Marathon their first one with more to follow, hopefully, in the years ahead.

When we decided to include Angela and Courtney in our series about female athletes, we spoke to them about the reasons why they chose to train and become marathon runners. Everyone has a personal story, and in sports, it’s no different. However, often, when it’s about becoming a marathoner, it’s a challenge to oneself to do what they might have thought as impossible. It’s a dream and a calling that has to be answered.

Courtney: From the New York Sharks, to Marathoning and Ultimately Pro Golf

Courtney is a natural born-athlete who was a member of the famous professional women’s football team, the New York Sharks, and who also has a desire to become a pro golfer after she meets the full marathon challenge.

One of Courtney’s earliest timed runs was the Sprint Distance Triathlon, as well as biathlons in the New York and New Jersey area where she used to live before moving to Florida. She was also a member of the New York Road Runners Club for many years when she lived in New York City, and with them, she ran other short distance races. “Running a marathon has always been on a list of future accomplishments,” Courtney said and continued, “Angela and I have run the Disney Wine & Dine half-marathon, and we also did the Shark Bite 5K together this past January. The Disney World Marathon was the next step to add to our accomplishments.”

She reflected, “The marathon has always been on my ‘wander list’ for eons, along with Iron Man triathlons. To me, it’s the ultimate in individual success to complete a marathon or other types of running races. It’s just you, most of the time. I’ve always been on team sports where you lean on each other; you rely on each other to succeed. But what is weird about this event is that Angela and I probably talk several times a week about training, equipment, how are we fixing problem areas, soreness, forms of running, nutrition, etc. So although running is considered a singles sport, in a way this is also a team sport because she provides, along with Brian, a motivation that I can’t let my teammates down and need to run faster and not give up. I have a lot of self-motivation, but having them with me helps.”

Although Courtney is a natural athlete, that’s not the case when it comes to running. She stated, “I can pick up a sport and play it very well, I think. But not with distance running. It’s always been hard, and I want to conquer that, I want to be a ‘runner.’”

Angela: Runner and Marathoner Who Does it for Those Who Can’t

Angela followed up with her thoughts on why she’s running. “I have run five half marathons and many other distances. I can’t really explain the ‘why’ of running, but I have always wanted to be a ‘runner’ and never really considered myself as one. Most of my races, I walk/run them. But a bucket list item has always been to run a marathon, and well, I’m not getting any younger, so I decided this was the year. And, since Courtney had similar thoughts, why not do it together?”

Angela admitted a challenge they are both experiencing, “We are both at about the same running level and are starting now to work on mental strength and overall conditioning. As we get deep into the for ‘real training’ (later this fall), it will be about tackling distances. Because we are running Disney, with a 16-minute mile minimum pace for the race, it is a more relaxed race, which is why we chose it. Still, I want to say that I’m a marathoner. I run for those who can’t, and I’m grateful (to tears, often) that God is giving me the strength, power, endurance, every day to keep moving.”

Running for Social Good

sneakers-for-goodIf you follow us, then you know that our company is a social enterprise and our team cares about making a social impact. We are in the early stages of the journey for Courtney and Angela, as well as Brian. Courtney is running for people who are close to her, and they have both considered running each mile in honor of someone or something, but they’re still considering it as they have time. Additionally, Angela, has been sending the running sneakers she no longer wears using the Sneakers For Good program so they can make a global impact.

Running and marathoning is a personal experience for everyone, and our entire team is happy to be part of their journey in whatever ways this unfolds for them. Stay tuned for our monthly post on Courtney and Angela’s progress, and you can also follow these two exceptional women on Instagram, @wanderlist­­­_adventures.


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