Women in Sports: Corporations Breaking Barriersposted on April 17, 2019

If you follow this blog, then you know that we’re exploring and supporting women sports efforts. A couple of years ago, the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation published a report that explained some of the barriers that women and girls face concerning their participation in sports, which include the following.

  • Lack of time because women still bear most of the responsibility or their household.
  • Lack of money because women continue to earn less than their male peers for the same jobs.
  • Women and girls in rural areas have limited access to transportation.
  • Personal safety is an issue for women and girls to and from training and sports venues.
  • Societal influences place more considerable emphasis on men in sports than on women.
  • Sexual harassment affects women who participate in sports.
  • Prejudices remain against women and girl who participate because of a disability, race, gender, etc.

It’s been generations in the making, but society and corporate leaders understand that instead of tacitly aiding barriers, directly or indirectly, the time has come to support women in sports––fully.

She Breaks Barriers

Adidas understands the power of women as their voices grow louder for equality to men in every aspect of society, including the sports arena. At the end of last year, they started the She Breaks Barriers campaign, which was intended to help break the barriers that female athletes experience to promote their leadership in it.

To accomplish this, Adidas created a film that featured some of the athletes associated with the brand, which was narrated by the singer Pharrell Williams. The company also sent an open letter to their team inviting everyone, as well as members within the communities where they operate, to support the campaign. Finally, they used social media, including the hashtag #createorsunite to ensure a conversation by women and for women in the field of sports.

Further, Adidas is also seeking to break all barriers to women in sports, including those based on religion. For instance, they have recently moved to the next phase of the She Breaks Barriers campaign by having women tell their stories as athletes. One of them is a marathon runner and six-time world marathoner, Rahaf Khatib. Khatib is a Syrian athlete who was the first athlete for Runner’s World magazine to wear a hijab on their cover.

Nike Bills 2019 as the Year of the Woman

Nike is a company that is known for its brilliant marketing, and they’re not afraid to speak their mind, such as featuring Colin Kaepernick in a marketing campaign for the brand. The company understands that women are breaking barriers and they no longer want to remain second to men as they speak their minds in all aspects of society.

For 2019, Nike has created the Dream Crazier campaign, which is highlighting athletic performance. The campaign was launched during the Academy Awards and will continue through the summer’s Women’s World Cup in soccer. To support exceptional female athletes in sports and promote the idea of women in sports, they have on their roster some of the following world-class athletes, including Serena Williams, Simone Biles, and the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team.

Nike has been promoting females in sports for more than 50 years, beginning with their support of Title IX. The company has explained that they now have expanded their definition for supporting female athletes beyond merely focusing on team sports, tennis, gymnastics and running. The corporation now believes that they play a role in helping to inspire women to participate and achieve their goals in any and all athletic performances as a matter of self-esteem and identity.

Stay tuned to this space as we’re going to continue to celebrate women sports athletes, including our two team marathoners. If you haven’t had a chance to read our recent post about a woman who participated in the Ironman World Championship while she battled cancer, take a few moments to understand that inspirational story.


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