Why Sneakers

There’s one question we get all of the time, why sneakers? In developing countries, walking is the primary mode of transportation and due to systemic poverty, individuals don’t have access to new shoes and sporting goods stores. As a result, a majority of people rely on purchasing sneakers from micro-enterprises. These are small businesses with minimal employees and capital that usually operate in a marketplace.

About 70% of the global population uses repurposed textiles and the sneakers collected from our partners go straight into the hands of micro-entrepreneurs. The micro-enterprise model allows people in developing countries to start their own business and pave a path out poverty by repurposing gently worn, used and new sneakers.

Runners are advised to purchase a new pair of sneakers every 300 miles. Many of those used running shoes can be worn as walking shoes, making them a product that’s highly demanded by micro-entrepreneurs and their customers.

When you partner with Sneakers4Funds, the benefits reach far beyond raising funds for your charitable efforts. To learn more about the good you’re doing, download our free white paper titled “Why Shoes? The Story of Micro-Enterprise.”

Sneakers4Funds is a social enterprise that seeks to make a positive impact around the world by applying business strategies to seek improvement in human well-being.

Micro-Enterprise at Work

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Did you know that we pay you for any gently worn, used or new running shoes? Repurpose and recycle your sneakers with any of our free programs today!