Why Sneakers

Sneaker Recycling Makes a Great Social Impact

Did you know that textiles dumped in landfills are one of the biggest sources of waste? Unfortunately, textiles also include running shoes and sneakers, but businesses and the public have started a shift. As a result, sneaker recycling is something that many running stores, clubs, teams, and others are doing to help the planet. Like you, they want to make a positive difference. 

Facts Supporting Broader Sneaker Recycling Efforts

Still, the public has to continue to shift their thinking and recycle running shoes to save the planet and make an impact. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), textiles account for 66.02% of landfill space. Yet, while there is more awareness about recycling, the planet’s use of landfills has increased—along with the waste. It’s not sustainable. Further, 70% of the world’s population wears used clothing, shoes, and sneakers. So, there’s a great chance for you to help a global cause.

Help a Cause, Small Business Owners in Developing Nations, and the Planet

If your running store or company, mud run, sports team, or club has running shoes, we can partner with you for sneaker recycling. Doing so makes you a community leader, helping keep sneakers and running shoes from going to landfills. Also, with our programs, you have the chance to support a nonprofit or cause of your choice in your town because Sneakers4Funds issues you a check for the collected sneakers.

We have more than 4,000 micro-enterprise partners (small business owners) around the world who depend on sneaker recycling. They need running shoes and sneakers for inventory to sell in their communities. Because of poverty, they have limited job prospects if they don’t create their own work opportunities. To learn more about our small business partners in developing countries, check out our free white paper titled “Why Shoes? The Story of Micro-Enterprise.”

Micro-Enterprise at Work

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