What Is Success? 3 Must-Do Ideasposted on September 8, 2020

John Rohn said, “If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” And, that’s very true. Sure, right now people are hurting. However, what many don’t realize is that even ideas such as embracing positive psychology are part of the definition of what is success. For instance, race directors and runners could learn about visualizing success to stay in a good headspace.

During this time of immense change, sports plays a huge part in maintaining wellbeing. As the economy shakes itself out and things unfold, people who care about sports could take lessons from it.

As we know, nothing in life is easy, and that includes business. However, to achieve success, one has to understand that it could be exceedingly hard work. Unfortunately, that hard work and discipline is what makes the difference. So, if you seek to get control of your life or business, there are three things you have to keep in mind to avoid.

Some people quit too soon on the path to success.

Success takes time and hard work. Oftentimes, however, people quit too soon. Life is full of challenges. In business, people may challenge your ideas or how you’re doing things. Sometimes, that’s enough to make people quit. But you can’t do that. You have to figure out ways around the obstacles that come your way.

For example, for our social enterprise helping to rebuild communities, we reaffirmed our market position during one of the toughest economic times on record. Why do we share this? Because if we could do it, so can you.

Other people see failure as the end of the journey.

The journey, including failing, is always remaining hungry and proving things to yourself. In other words, you have to become very comfortable with failure. There really is no success without failure. So, embrace failure because you learn from it. Remember this—doers fail. And, if you don’t fail, you’re not trying.

So, when you do something (e.g. doing video sports training, creating a virtual store instead of a brick and mortar retail shop) when you fail on the path to success, study the lessons. Therefore, make the necessary changes to improve on what you want to develop.

Some people don’t not create habits toward their success goals.

If you have a success goal, it’s typically something you aspire toward accomplishing. One of the easiest ways to not succeed is to not create daily habits around what you’re doing. In other words, you have to work at it every single day. Success doesn’t come with only part-time or sporadic attention to your goal. 

We live at a time when everyone is looking for immediacy. But, the only thing is that no matter what it may look like in articles, how to achieve success has not changed a bit.

It still takes time. And, it’s always been that way.

Success takes patience.

It still takes persistence.

Don’t believe people when they make it appear as if what they’ve done happened overnight. Yes, potentially once in a while someone may get a lucky break and it may appear that success happened overnight. But, those so-called lucky breaks came with a lot of forethought and work.

In short, success takes time, and that’s just part of the process of what is success.

So, keep at it.


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