Upcoming Sports Events for Summerposted on June 22, 2020

Many athletes and runners have a jam-packed summer calendar with training and race dates. However, as we all know too well, the summer of 2020 is unlike no other. Unfortunately, because of the disruption caused by the pandemic, upcoming sports events and conferences have gotten canceled, rescheduled, or turned into virtual events. But don’t fret. We decided to create a list of sports events you can look forward to this summer.

Virtual Sports Events

Our team is fortunate to know a lot of amazing runners and marathoners. Fortunately, virtual run sports events took off and gave people the chance to run safely. Therefore, for a virtual run, all you have to do is get online and sign-up, run the distance, and then submit the evidence you achieved your goal. So, if you still want the thrill of running a 1/2 marathon or marathon, sign up for a virtual run.

1. Virtual Strides Running Races

A small group of passionate runners and friends runs Virtual Strides, which has its base in Florida. So, take a look at their site to participate in one of their runs, and also help raise money for charity.

2. Virtual Run Sports Events

Founded by a group of enthusiasts, Virtual Run Challenge, was created to start a movement. As a result, you have a chance to raise money for a good cause, and keep running for yourself at a sports event. Check out their list of races.

3. Runner’s World Races

Runner’s World has a great list of road races this summer. Therefore, depending on where you live in the United States, you’re sure to find a race you could run on the list and also participate in a road race fundraiser.

4. Boston Marathon

Recently, the notable Boston Marathon announced that the race would happen virtually. One of the most renowned upcoming sports events of the year, this year’s virtual run, takes place between September 7 – 14.

5. Air Force Marathon

Since 1997, this premier sports event celebrates the founding of the Air Force and also honors our military and country. So, this year, the Air Force Marathon offers a virtual race for its participants.

6. runDisney Virtual Series

Do you happen to be a big fan of Disney, as are members of our team and women marathon runners? Well, Disney has been doing virtual races for years. So, take a look at joining their virtual 5K from home sports event.

7. Various Upcoming Sports Events

There are many other sports aside from running. Here’s a list of what’s still happening:

Finally, whether you’re someone who prefers to get out there and participate in sports events yourself, or simply watch games streamed, or on television, please know that because of the pandemic, there’s a tremendous need for people to empty their closets of athletic shoes and sneakers. Repurpose running shoes, and don’t let them go into the trash, which is harmful to the environment. Instead, recycle those sneakers with a sneaker recycling program. As a result of doing it, those athletic shoes create work opportunities for people in need in developing nations.


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