The Best Air Jordan Sneakers of 2019posted on February 20, 2019

We recently wrote a post about the coolest sneakers out on the market––and we didn’t mention Air Jordan sneakers.

We’ll admit it; it caused a debate within our team.

How could we not have included Air Jordan sneakers?

Well, the writing team thought it was good to give some writing time and air to other sneakers, but hey, we probably should have included what many consider the best sneakers on the market.

The writing team understands that it needs to make things right, and so they decided to write about the best Air Jordan sneakers on the market to make it up.

So, without any further delay, these are the best Air Jordan sneakers that our team thinks is in the marketplace right now.

  1. Jordan Son of Mars: People who own these athletic shoes rave about how comfortable the sneakers are to wear, which are also very cool looking. They are the true union of form and function.
  2. GS Air Jordan 4 “True Berry”: February is the month for Valentine’s so we just had to include this sneaker in the list. The updated Air Jordan 4 is White, Rush Pink, and, of course, True Berry. “For the Love of the Game” is embroidered on the heel to add to the tribute to love.
  3. Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared: When Michael Jordan won his first championship, he was wearing these types of sneakers by Nike, and now they’re back. This retro-styled athletic shoe is already tops with Jordan fans.
  4. Jordan Reveal: These sneakers are considered one of the most comfortable kicks on the market, with an excellent design that makes it a crowd pleaser. Again, it’s form and function in a great sneaker, which is also lighter in weight than other Jordan sneakers.
  5. Air Jordan 2019 Collection: The entire collection of new Jordan sneakers for 2019, includes some of the sneakers mentioned above and others, such as the Air Jordan 33 All-Star and the Pearl, which makes its returns to the Jordan athletic shoe collection line-up.

If you’ve got a pair of gently worn, used and new athletic shoes, including Air Jordan sneakers, that you no longer want or need, consider offering them to someone who needs a pair.

There are millions of people around the world who use their sneakered feet as their primary mode of transportation because they can’t afford cars or even bicycles. They get from one place to the next solely using their feet, and wearing athletic shoes is the most comfortable way to get around. Rethink sneakers and consider giving others a hand-up.


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