Sports Club Membership: 5 Ways to Increase It!posted on July 6, 2020

If you happen to own a sports club or gym, it’s been a tough time economically. Unfortunately, the pandemic made a lot of people stay home. And then you had the massive loss of jobs and the economic toll it has taken on lives and the economy. Fitness trainers have sought different ways to earn funds during these tough times. And there’s been a lot of concern about the fitness industry overall, especially by gym owners with declines in sports club membership. Still, we know that the sports community is one that is generous and giving. Also, we know that owners have a special kind of motivation, and they will get through the harsh economic times and get out on the other side.

If you have a sports club or gym, then one of the ways to drive up the necessary revenue is by increasing revenue. So, today, we’re going to focus on how to make your brand more visible in the community. By doing so, you will inevitably increase membership and earn more revenue.

Getting Your Sports Club More Visible

We have five excellent ideas to get you started on promoting gym and increasing membership.

1. Use Texting for Membership Promotion

We know that everyone carries a mobile phone with them. And, it’s the quickest way to get in touch with people. There are a few things that you can do with texting for your sports club or gym. You could consider having a promotion, such as a discount sale for renewing membership or inviting a friend to join to increase your membership. To accomplish it, you can use a tool such as FitnessTexter. Send all of your members discounts, or invite them to get a discount on training if they bring a friend. Texting has become big business, and sports teams and clubs are using it to drive engagement and sales.

2. Ask for Reviews to Promote Your Organization

As we all know, social media is a big part of promoting your sports club membership. In our work, we’ve had people who are learning about how to start a running club, for instance, ask about one trick for increasing membership. One idea we give is to ask customers and members for a review. As the biggest tech companies in the world understand, humans are social beings. And, they do care what others say about a product or service. That’s why getting people to write a Googe review is a big deal. In other words, people notice. So, ask for Google Reviews, but also consider asking for reviews on Yelp or Better Business Bureau.


3. Get Creative With Your Boot Camps

Motivation Monday would be just like any other day were it not for the boot camp challenges that people tend to start on that day of the week to get in shape. As you well know, boot camps are an excellent way to increase your sports club membership. So, when you think of a boot camp, think out of the box and about your broadest possible audience. For instance, before the wedding season, consider creating a wedding party boot camp. Another thought is a boot camp for those who train for their first marathon. You could also develop boot camps for women in sports. The idea is to get creative about the target audiences.

4. Invite Corporate Teams into Your Sports Club

As you know, corporations have a lot of money to spend on different things. However, it’s not always easy to get those funds, but it’s not impossible if you think strategically about it. Why not consider developing a specialized sports program and package targetted to the corporations in your town? The reality is that corporations want healthy workers, and they appreciate a chance to get their teams involved in a sports club membership. Another idea that you could promote is a unique team-building sports program for corporate groups in your area. To reach out and develop something for a corporation, all it takes is a little sports marketing knowledge.

5. Do Something Good For Your Community and the Planet

As we can all know, our communities care about doing good. And, one of the ways that you could increase your sports club membership, and also do good is when you repurpose running shoes. In other words, your club or gym could serve as a drop-off location—for free—where people in the community and your members bring their athletic shoes to get recycled. In the process, you offer everyone a chance to get rid of shoes properly while not throwing them in the trash. Doing so is good for the planet. So, every time someone comes into drop-off their sneakers for food, you have a chance to talk to them about your programs.


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