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We set out to create a simple program that allowed runners and the athletic community to recycle their running shoes and sneakers. What started small has quickly grown into an entire movement. We want to help you use your sneakers for good!

Whether you’re looking to raise funds for a charity, 5k, running club or a local community member who is battling cancer, we want to help you make a difference. Through the Sneakers For Good Program you can keep sneakers out of landfills, earn funds for your cause and support micro-enterprises in developing countries. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

The Sneakers For Good Program is simple:

  • Collect gently worn, used and new sneakers and running shoes from your community, marathons, and local gyms.
  • Fill each prepaid shipping bag with 15-20 pairs, then seal and drop off at any UPS store. We’ve got your shipping covered!
  • Once we receive and process your bag, your check will be on it’s way. You can choose and change who the check is made out to at any time. That way your running club can benefit one month and a local charity or cause the next.
  • Celebrate! When you do good, you feel good. You just made an impact in your community and communities all over the world.

Sneakers collected in our programs are shipped to micro-enterprises in 27 different developing countries. Here they are cleaned, fixed and used as inventory to support these small businesses. Micro-enterprises allow families to pave a path out of poverty through a hand up not a hand out model.

Sneakers4Funds is the preeminent social enterprise for athletic shoe drive fundraising in North America. It is a for-profit company that was under the leading shoe drive fundraising brand, Funds2Orgs, before it became its own independent brand due to the immense demand from sports clubs, teams, clubs, corporations, businesses and schools for athletic shoe drive fundraisers.
With an athletic shoe drive fundraiser, your champions never have to write a check or give you money. Instead, athletic shoes become the currency and Sneakers4Funds issues you a check for the athletic shoes you collect during your fundraiser. During an athletic shoe drive fundraiser, you ask supporters and community to give you their gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. When Sneakers4Funds receives the athletic shoes, you will be issued a check! It’s that easy!
There are never any out-of-pocket costs with any other program with Sneakers4Funds. Depending on your fundraising agreement, freight costs may be deducted from the amount of the check issued to your designated organization. For more information, please see your Sneakers4Funds fundraising agreement or call the fundraising coaching team at 407-930-2979.
  1.  You get to raise money for your sports group, club, team or a favorite charity.
  2.  Sneakers4Funds is a social enterprise, and we partner with small business owners in developing nations with a hand-up, rather than a hand-out.
  3. You provide your community with a socially responsible fundraiser where athletic shoes are re-purposed and don’t end up in the trash where they harm the environment.
It means to give something a new life or purpose. Sneakers4Funds ships athletic shoes collected in athletic shoe drive fundraisers throughout North America to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations where they are “re-purposed.”
They are shipped to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations. Due to systemic poverty, many families around the world do not have sufficient and sustaining work opportunities. Sneakers4Funds sells the athletic shoes collected for a small fraction of their original price, often on credit. These micro-entrepreneurs, or small business owners, then prepare the athletic shoes for sale, commerce, and profit. By the way, most people wear athletic shoes in developing countries because they use their feet to get from one place to another.
We want to process your athletic shoes quickly so we can issue you a check. By making sure that pairs remain together, it helps to ensure speedy processing.
Simply contact your Sneakers4Funds coach. Your coach will make sure you receive additional supplies.
Sneakers4Funds only accepts gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. Athletic shoes include sneakers, trainers, cross-trainers, walking shoes, and racing shoes.
Yes, we even accept cleats. They just have to be gently worn, used or new.
Unfortunately, the answer is no. All of the athletic shoes you collect are shipped to micro-entrepreneurs (small business owners) in developing nations, and they sell the footwear in their communities. People need to buy pairs of athletic shoes and not singles.
The athletic shoes have to be gently worn, used or new. Remember, these athletic shoes are going to be repurposed and worn again, so they have to be in the best condition possible.
Congratulations! More athletic shoes = more money.
We’re sorry, but it’s not possible for Sneakers4Funds to have this happen. Due to logistics and costs, it is essential to combine the footwear you collect with those from other athletic shoe drive fundraisers. They are then shipped in lots overseas.
The short answer is, yes. Please contact Tom Henderson, Chief Fundraising Strategist at 407-930-2979 for more information.

It’s easy to get started. Just click here to fill out our form so a Sneakers4Funds fundraising coach can call you. Or, call us at 407-930-2979.

This unique program allows your supporters to send the athletic shoes they collect for your fundraiser directly to the Sneakers4Funds warehouse for processing. There are no out-of-pocket costs to you or your supporters for sending the bags directly to Sneakers4Funds.
After you sign the agreement with Sneakers4Funds, you will receive special prepaid shipping bags for your supporters. Have your champions collect 15 – 20 pairs of gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. When the bags are filled, you simply take the bags to UPS.
We know you want to receive your money quickly and to ensure that the program is cost-effective for you and Sneakers4Funds, you will be issued a check on a monthly basis for the bags received the month prior. Each month, for the duration of your fundraiser, you will be sent a check by Sneakers4Funds that are reconciled based on the bags received at the Sneakers4Funds warehouse. Once your fundraiser ends, there will be a final check issued to you the month after the conclusion of your athletic shoe drive fundraiser.
Each bag given to you has a unique identification number that is only provided for your specific fundraiser. The ID number allows our warehouse team to process and ensure controls for proper reconciliation efficiently.
We want you to succeed. Based on our experience, the best partners are those that are sport-oriented, such as running clubs, fitness clubs, sports teams or groups. We also partner with corporations and businesses that want to make a difference in a creative way for a good cause.

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