Running Tips and Tricks from Two Marathonersposted on February 13, 2020

Recently, two of our team members, Courtney and Angela, became marathoners! And, because of them, we’ve decided to give you a list of running tips and tricks to help you with your running. In particular, we want to focus on new runners. But surely, any runner can find some value from what our dynamic duo learned. If you want to read some of their articles, check out:

Since they finished the Disney Marathon, we asked Angela and Courtney about their favorite running tips and tricks.

Unexpected Running Tips and Tricks

Expect the unexpected

If you just started running, you’ll soon learn that you need to expect the unexpected. Few other sports challenge you as running does. Therefore, our first and most crucial jogging tips is that you have to get used to the unexpected. For instance, showers, when there was the sun, or learning about the sensitivities of your body.

Chaffing could become a “buddy”

Another one of the running tips and tricks that Courtney and Angela learned is about chaffing. For instance, did you realize that running with your mobile in your pocket can produce a skin burn? Our favorite marathoners recommend Body Glide or Aquaphor to alleviate the issue.

Must-Have Running Tips and Tricks

Love your sneakers

Running is personal in so many ways, and one of the most personal things is your preference for sneakers. Runners purchase shoes for many reasons, such as gender, age, or even when and where they choose to run. So, even if your pal has Nikes and you prefer Adidas, do what’s best for you.

Must have running tips and tricks always include energy drinks and gels

You’ll soon find as a new runner, that you’re going to immerse yourself in energy gels and electrolytes, especially for long runs. Of course, Angela and Courtney have some suggestions they’ve discovered and recommend. Courtney likes Maurten, and Angela prefers Honey Stinger. Again, find which energy drinks and gels work best for you, and test out several brands.

Clothing matters for a good run

The chances are that you live in a part of the country where you will run in different types of weather. So, one of the essential running tips and tricks is to make sure to invest in the right clothing. Pro Tip: Dress as if it’s 10° to 20° warmer when you run in cool or cold weather, as you’ll soon be hot. Also, Drymax socks are excellent for preventing blisters and a hat with a rim for running in the rain.

Finally, the last, but most important of our running tips and tricks, is to be grateful. Both Angela and Courtney expressed how essential it was to be appreciative of your ability to run. Some people would like to run, but for whatever reason, they can’t. Angela mentioned that she kept that idea top of mind during tough runs. However, both women expressed the idea that running is a very mental sport. As a result, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. And, hopefully, it’s going to make you a better version of you.


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