Running Stores Have Got a New CSR Programposted on August 14, 2019

Everyone loves their local running stores. It’s where they have a chance to get their new sneakers for working out or walking. When most people walk into running stores, they’re usually dynamic places. And yes, of course, who doesn’t love a new pair of athletic shoes?

Running retailers are also a place of high-energy! They have to be. Patrons associate energy with performance, and that’s important when selling sneakers. But, many store owners want to figure out ways to engage their communities. What’s more, they want to do it in creative ways so they can keep their customers happy. And, managers understand that customers want to go to stores that are authentic, fun, and understand social responsibility.

Running Stores that Rock Social Good

One of our running retailers, Orange Fitness, did a great job of creating a corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunity. That CSR program brought about a few benefits to the running store.

  • The community got to learn about Orange Fitness because of the Sneakers For Good program for running retailers. They promoted it in their town, including on social media. That increased brand visibility.
  • Orange Fitness demonstrated, like other running stores, that they cared about their community. And they also showed they valued the environment, and people in developing nations in need of sustainable jobs.
  • The running retailer got more foot traffic into their store. And, because of it, more people took a look at what Orange Fitness had to sell. That’s always great for running stores!

Orange Fitness and Social Impact

One of the reasons that Orange Fitness decided to do the Sneakers For Good program was because it’s excellent for CSR. Running retailers, like other small businesses, have to keep an eye on their profit margin. But, they also know that customers want them to lead in making a social impact. In other words, communities want running stores to do good for society. With the Sneakers For Good program, it was easy for Orange Fitness. And, the biggest reason was that it didn’t involve any financial donation.

In other words, what Orange Fitness and other running retailers have done, is to place sneaker collection boxes in their running stores. Then, they’ve gotten on social media, issued press releases, and spread the word about their new CSR program. They’ve told the public to drop by the shop to get rid of the sneakers and athletic shoes they no longer want. Textiles make up a significant part of what’s polluting our planet. Orange Fitness also drove the point home that the sneakers people gave would become inventory for small business owners in developing nations.

The check received by Orange Fitness in the Sneakers For Good program has gone to a good cause. And, the athletic footwear is helping micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries in need of jobs. By the way, running stores have also given their unwanted inventory, excess lots, and customer returns.

Sneakers and Work Opportunities in Developing Countries

Running stores, like Orange Fitness, love the idea that the shoes collected in the Sneakers For Good program have helped thousands around the planet. Here’s the deal. In developing countries, often, people have limited work opportunities. That’s because poverty affects every aspect of society. For instance, quality education is limited. It’s tough for children to get a good education if they can’t afford shoes to go to school. Or, if they have to work because their parents can’t put food on the table. All of this means that as adults living in poverty, they have a tough time getting work opportunities. So, they have to create them and do it by selling athletic shoes and sneakers.

And, so when running retailers seek a way to make a social impact, it’s natural for them to want to participate in this program. They don’t have to make a financial donation. The sneakers and athletic shoes contributed don’t end up in landfills. Instead, they become a currency, and a check gets issued for the athletic shoes. Finally, and most importantly, small business owners in developing countries have a chance to help themselves out of poverty. They sell the sneakers running stores collect in their communities. It’s a win, win, win!


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