Run for a Good Cause for More Motivationposted on February 6, 2019

Athletes and people who are looking to prepare for a run in 2019 can gain lots of additional motivation to make every mile worth money for a good cause. There are plenty of charities that are the favorite cause of runners throughout the U.S., which provides them with an additional incentive to train, run and stay the course.

There are significant benefits for the runners as well in the running for a good cause aside from it being rewarding and helping you feel good about making a positive contribution not only toward your health but also to society as a while. When you choose to run for a nonprofit, you’re often provided with training and nutrition programs and even coaching. Additionally, you have the chance to meet others like you who are runners who also want to support a good cause.

By doing a simple search on the internet, you’re able to find many programs, local or nationwide where you can get started today. If you’ve ever thought about running for a cause, but didn’t know where to start, we’re going to help by giving you several ways that you can make your goal of running 5Ks and marathons even better makewith every stride.

Boston Athletic Association Official Charity Program for the Boston Marathon supports many nonprofit causes through its charity program. BAA offers invitational entries to the Boston Marathon for designated nonprofits that then recruit runners who pledge to raise money for a good cause.

TCS New York City Marathon Charity Partner Program offers charities that become their official partners with guaranteed, non-complimentary entries. Runners who think they will be running the New York City marathon can look into signing up now for the 2019 program in support of a charity.

ACTIVE helps runners leverage their training and racing by assisting them in raising awareness and money for worthy causes. In exchange, it provides runners with coaching, training and connects them to racing partners. Additionally, when you use ACTIVE, you have the chance to run for a nonprofit in races that may otherwise be closed or oversubscribed.

The Color Run is a bit of a cross between the 70’s hippie letting the love shine for the “happiest run under the sun.” The Color Run is all about good vibes, color, fun, and love for each other and the planet. It’s the largest running series in the world, and over 6 million runners around the world in 35 countries have participated.

Krispy Kreme Challenge is a student-led effort in North Carolina that benefits North Carolina Children’s Hospital. The students run to raise awareness and money for the hospital in a safe and fun environment that not only brings the local community together but also participants from around the world.

St. Jude Heroes benefits one of the leading children’s hospitals in the nation, St. Jude’s Hospital. St. Jude also happens to have one of the top fundraising teams in the philanthropic space, which is why they partner with runners. As a St. Jude Hero, you can raise money for the childhood cancer hospital while you train and as a runner.

Girls on the Run is an organization that has 5K runs across the nation in support of ensuring that girls throughout the U.S. grow up to reach their highest potential joyfully, and in ways that are healthy and full of confidence.

If you can’t find a running program for your favorite cause in your area doing an internet search, or your nonprofit does not have an event, give the fundraising team a call. Nonprofit organizations are often in need of motivated volunteers, and one of the best ways to get involved is to offer to help them raise awareness and money in the community through a 5K or run. A creative and fun way to raise money is essential in today’s fundraising environment, and adding an athletic shoe drive fundraising program to a run will only add more funds to the pot.


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