Road Race Fundraiser: Raise Money for Charityposted on July 25, 2018

All you have to do is to take a look at, and you know this is the season for lots of road races and marathons. It’s a great time of year for running because of the weather, and perhaps you too about to participate in a road race.

Raising Funds with Sneakers

It’s a long tradition to have people run for charity in teams, and maybe you’ve done it at some point yourself. It’s a great feeling to know that you’re doing something you love like running and that with every step you’re raising money for a good cause.

But, did you know that you can run a race for charity or have your race participants run and raise funds without people having to donate money? Many road race clubs, half and full marathon groups have partnered with an organization like Sneakers4Funds to raise money by having participants give their gently worn, used and new athletic shoes instead of cash.

What’s a Road Race Fundraiser?

Most runners are passionate about running, and they go through sneakers quickly. That footwear can become financial currency. A road race fundraiser is easy. Your group or team decides to partner with a leading athletic drive fundraisingcompany. Then you promote your fundraiser, as you get the word out in your community and supporters about your road race.

Sneakers4Funds has worked with many partners helping them plan and execute a successful road race fundraiser. During your fundraiser, your champions give you their gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. What you collect is then picked up by Sneakers4Funds. Once that’s done, and the footwear has been processed, you’re issued a check, or one is sent on your behalf to your favorite charity. It’s really that simple.

What Happens with the Athletic Shoes?

Did you know that in developing nations sneakers are a mode of transportation? By that, we mean that because of poverty, many people cannot afford to buy a car. So, the way they get to their jobs or school is by using their feet.

There’s a massive need for sneakers!

When you do a road race fundraiser, the athletic shoes that collected are consolidated with thousands of others from other races. Once they’re together, they’re shipped to developing nations and become inventory for small business owners (micro-entrepreneurs). Micro-entrepreneurs sell the athletic shoes in their local markets for profit and commerce.

Demand for Athletic Shoes in Developing Nations

Because of the incredible need for gently worn, used and news athletic shoes, that include trainers, sneakers, and running shoes, Sneakers4Funds seeks to partner with road race teams and groups. The relationship is what we call a win/win/win:

  • You want to raise money for your group or favorite cause. Win!
  • Micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries need athletic shoes to sell in their communities for a fraction of the retail prices of the sneakers in a country like the United States. Win!
  • Footwear customers living in developing nations need to purchase athletic shoes, at a reasonable price, so that their children can attend school (schools do not allow children to participate in classes without shoes). Adults need the athletic shoes so they can get around town and get to work. Athletic shoes are the most comfortable type of shoe people can use if they mostly have to walk from place to place. Win!

Next time you’re thinking about your road race, think about a road race fundraiser with Sneakers4Funds. You can also take a look at our Road Race Programto learn more, or you can get started today by requesting free information.

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