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The situation in 2020 caused mostly everything associated with sports to suffer. Sure, professional leagues and nationally televised games got curtailed. But, small local sports teams, gyms, and clubs also suffered economic losses. 2020 is one for the books, but now’s not the time to give up. Instead, you have to double down and look to raise money for your sports group going into the last quarter of the year. And, we’re going to share with you some insights on what our partners do in-person or virtually.

It turns out the traditional ways of raising money, for example, asking for contributions and selling merchandise isn’t working. As we know, the reason is simple; people don’t want to spend money. Even so, there still is a way for you to raise funds for your sports group. During this incredible time, we’ve had a lot of outreach from people because of the Sneakers For Good program. What’s more, this program could happen in-person, remotely, or with limited contact. So, it’s a good chance for you to raise money for your sports group online.

How do I raise money for my sports group through Sneakers For Good?

Sneakers For Good is super simple. What’s more, it doesn’t require anyone to give you money they don’t have or to buy merchandise they might not want right now. Instead, to raise money, you ask all of your supporters to give you their athletic shoes. You could collect it at a drop-off location, you could pick up the sneakers, or you could provide your champions with a collection bag, and they drop it off at a local UPS store. You then get a check by the nation’s largest social enterprise. And, yes, it’s that easy. (Take a look at a recent giving back article and how one running store makes it work!)

What happens with the sneakers and athletic shoes gathered by us?

By doing something beyond the same-old fundraising, you stand a better chance of success. And, when you have the opportunity to raise money for your team, club, or sports group in a creative fashion, your community and sports club members appreciate it. As you know, people want to support you. They just can’t do it in the usual ways. So, by recycling sneakers, you raise funds, and they do something awesome for you and the planet. In other words, by doing the program, you recycle running shoes, and that’s great for the environment. The sneakers get sent to small businesses in developing countries, and that helps people in poverty help themselves. And, you raise necessary funds! (Check out these 21 fundraising ideas for sports teams.).

How to quickly get organized to raise money for your sports group

For brand success, you have to have a sports marketing plan. When you raise money for your club or group, it’s no different. So, we’re going to go through quick tips to help you.

  1. Leverage Facebook events and ask your champions to take pictures of themselves recycling sneakers!
  2. Keep yourself organized when you raise money online with Google Docs. That way, everyone could keep track of the number of bags filled with sneakers collected toward the goal. Of course, you want to encourage healthy competition.
  3. Ask your champions to take quick videos of themselves with their cell phones, clearing their closets of athletic shoes. They should share the videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms and tag you.
  4. Shine the spotlight every week or two on a champion who helps you raise funds for your sports group. Share a recorded Zoom video where you interview them and ask them how they succeed at recycling so many sneakers for you!
  5. As we mentioned, with the Sneakers For Funds program, you could have supporters ship sneakers directly—at no cost to them. But, you could also collect athletic shoes at drop-off locations or do porch pick-ups.
  6. Chances are you have a lot of followers. So, create a phone tree and ask champs to call others on your list (assign them the people), asking them to support your efforts to raise money by collecting sneakers in your community.
  7. Use local apps, such as Nextdoor to share information about your efforts to raise funds for a good cause. By doing so, you help spread the word and go beyond your immediate network.

Finally, although the economy is tough, there is still an opportunity. For instance, instead of opening a gym, you might want to take all of your sports training online. The bottom line is that the current business environment means everyone has to get creative. And, yes, everyone has to stretch beyond their comfort zone. But there’s still an excellent chance to raise money for your sports group and make a profit in business if you think creatively.


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