Qualities of Leadership: 5 Ideas for Sports Groupsposted on July 27, 2020

With all the uncertainty happening, now’s the time for community sports groups also to lead. In other words, it’s not just the large teams that could offer impactful results in your community. If you’re the executive director of a sports club, this is your time too to lead. Today, we want to share some ideas about the qualities of leadership. It’s those qualities that can make a difference for you and your community.

For instance, we know that millions of people are out of work in our country. And, these are levels not seen since the Great Depression. So, that means that everything, from how you communicate to your 5K fundraising ideas, has to be on point. Of course, that takes leadership. Therefore, to understand what leadership is, let’s take a look at the enduring myths and ideas about it.

People are Born for Leadership

One of the most enduring myths is that leaders are born to it, naturally. But that’s not the case at all. The qualities of leadership get developed and rise out of vision, energy, and spirit. Anyone could learn how to become a leader. Fortunately, there many ways for you to learn it. For instance, you could read a few of the best books on leadership, or you could take classes online. The short of it is that anyone could become a leader, and if you are the director of a small group, your vision and sound leadership could help you expand and grow.

The Best Leaders Work Smart

Sure, hard work is always essential, and some of the people who do it most of all are leaders. We all know that if we don’t put in the effort, the chances are high that we won’t get what we want. However, leaders usually choose to be “on” a lot more than even their teams. Meaning, they always think of the work that has to get done. That said, it doesn’t mean that hard work in and of itself is the means to the end. Great small sports group leaders understand that leadership means they need to be the example. But, they also understand how to manage their resources and time well. In other words, they spend time on strategy, vision, and the work that is unique to them, and no one else could do.

If You Manage, Then You Lead

While it’s true that leadership involves management, it’s not necessarily true that all managers have the qualities of leadership. As you know, many articles have gotten written about how to deal with bad managers. However, leaders understand that just because someone has a title doesn’t necessarily mean they are a leader. It’s also true that those who don’t have titles could be remarkable leaders. For instance, think of someone in your group. Maybe it’s a junior person who understands how to motivate volunteers. The point is that a title does not necessarily mean someone is a leader. It depends on the person.

Extroverted People Are Natural Leaders

Extroverted people get seen and heard a lot. However, just because extroverts get seen and listened to the most doesn’t necessarily mean introverts could not be leaders. As we’ve seen through history, many are the quiet introverts who nevertheless lead. So, as a small sports team or group, if you happen to be one of the quiet ones, you could still be a fantastic leader. Some well-known people with qualities of leadership but who get viewed as introverts include Eleanor Roosevelt, Bill Gates, and Rosa Parks.

People Assume Men Have More Developed Leadership Qualities

Unfortunately, although things are changing, some people assume that men are better leaders than women. However, researchers and society have started to shift away from this old idea. And as a matter of fact, more people have noticed that in many cases, women could have higher skills and qualities of leadership than men. Ultimately, what everyone has to accept is that there should be no difference between the genders on leadership. In other words, anyone could be a leader.

In short, it doesn’t matter who you are or even what position you have within your sports group or team. However, what does matter is that you want to grow your organization and help your community even more. Because of the challenges our nation is experiencing, we need all hands on deck. So, if you think you have what it takes to become a good leader, just step up and into the arena.

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