Nike’s Game of Go Allowed the World to Experience Their Nike React Sneaker

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October 3, 2018
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One of the most exciting things about the digital age is augmented reality (AR), and one of the largest brands in the world, Nike, creatively hit upon a way for the public to experience their new athletic running shoe with the use of AR.

As was reported, Nike developed an immersive augmented reality game called “Game of Go,” which was created by MediaMonks, a Dutch production company, with Wieden+Kennedy, which is Nike’s agency.

Participants who played it in Los Angeles had the chance to get on a treadmill, which was custom-built for the experience. The purpose, or selling point of the game, was to have participants meet their “inner runner.” It was a truly immersive way to experience a product, which was in this case, a running show.

For the AR game, the participants were able to create their own avatars, wear the Nike React sneaker, and then get on the treadmill to test their reflexes and speed.

The game was a designed to promote the Nike React sneaker, with the thought that there was no other way for the public to understand the latest technology that was part of the athletic shoe without taking it out for a test run––literally. React’s energy-returning abilities had to be experienced, in a compelling way, or seen by others who saw people wearing the running show and playing Game of Go so they too would want to give it a try, or at least buy the sneakers. However, this went beyond the Los Angeles market, and people around the world were also able to get a sense of everything through Snapchat.

The purpose of the sneaker is to make running more fun, with a particular emphasis on the people who want to run but have not yet gotten around to doing it consistently.

Playing Game of Go

So the public could meet their inner runner, Nike’s game allowed participants to create their avatars, and then take a run into an augmented reality world that was filled with foam and bubbles. The foam, by the way, was a way for Nike to demonstrate and promote the foam technology in their running shoes.

The game was stationed at Microsoft Square in Los Angeles, and three runners could play on the treadmills at any given time. The runners ran a 400-meter virtual race whole motion trackers kept registered their performance.

The fun part, which got people very excited was the 3-dimensional video that demonstrated for the participants and also the public which watched the race, the runners’ motions that were converted into real-time animation. So, as a participant moved, so did the animation.

Snapchat Augmented Reality Lens

However, the people in Los Angeles who were experiencing the game live were not the only ones to have fun. The game was also shared with the world as participants in other places and countries participated remotely with the use of a Snapchat Augmented Reality Lens. People clear across the globe had the chance to play Game of Go as well on their mobile devices.

During the three days that the game was activated, there were 25.6 million digital impressions through Snapchat AR.


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