Motivation Monday: 7 Tips For An Awesome Weekposted on May 25, 2020

Here is another week, and so its time for a little Motivation Monday. We hear from so many of our partners that they want to get going on walkathon fundraisers, or making an impact with Sneakers For Good. In other words, there’s so much pent up energy to do good and help. However, let’s face it; we’re all human. And, some days are better than others. Mondays are tough, especially as the weather is beautiful. As a result, you want to spend it in backyard BBQs or taking it easy at the beach. Still, as lovely as it is to forget about responsibilities, all of us need to keep moving forward.

That’s why today, our team decided to share with you Motivation Monday ideas to get your week started. And remember, on any day—no matter what’s happening, perspective means everything. Meaning, you can choose your thoughts and if the glass is half empty or half full. So, let’s get started with our ideas to make it an awesome week.

Motivation Monday And Your Theme Song

Most people love music, and there’s a reason for it. Music can change your mood quickly. So, today, before you think of placing a #motivationmonday post on social media, why not post a great YouTube song you love. In other words, get the day and week started right, with a fabulous motivational song. And, check out this list of the best motivational songs for your workout later today.

Don’t Do Things Alone and Find a Buddy

If 2020 taught us anything, one of those things was about social distancing. And, although things may not be as they were before the pandemic, we still have friends. So, next time you go out for a walk, run or a try out of one of these fitness trends, and take a buddy with you. Just the shared time talking to someone boosts spirits on Motivation Monday and gets people laughing.

Don’t Be So Serious on Motivation Monday

Yes, we know Monday’s can be tough, as we’ve said. But, looking at the start of the week as a mountain only makes it harder. So, think of the ways to lighten your mood and clear your head. For instance, on Motivation Monday, when you visualize success for the week, you set the tone. And, of course, you could start exercising in the morning before work, so you release endorphins.

 It’s Always a Good Idea to Reward Yourself

One of the things many people forget is to reward themselves for a job well done. For example, people are generous, and they want to help other people, and that’s always a good thing. But, why not start rewarding yourself too in small ways every Motivation Monday for accomplishing your goals in the previous week? That makes getting up and getting going much easier!

#MotivationMonday With Great Visuals

We all know that because of social media, we all love great photography and images. In fact, people remember images more than they do words. So, why not get a great motivational picture and put it up on your wall to serve as an inspirational reminder? Also, you can start each #MotivationMonday sharing inspiration with others to make you and them feel good.

Make Gratitude A Ways of Life

Did you know that if you start every day with gratitude that you make your day better? As a matter of fact, being thankful makes you a happier person. Sure, life can be tough, and challenges are always around the corner. But, having gratitude goes a long way toward making your days better, and it’s a great way to start Motivation Monday and your week.

No Matter What Happens—Never Give Up

Again, everything comes with a challenge. That’s probably why Winston Churchill said the famous words, “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up.”  Remember, there’s no defeat in trying and failing because it’s a chance to learn toward success. So, use Motivation Monday as a day to say you will keep moving forward. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.


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