Marathon Runners: 5 Challenges to Overcomeposted on July 17, 2019

Marathon runners always have the big goal of completing a marathon. But, we also know that to cross the finish line, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. If you’ve been following our blog, then you know the story of our teammates. They’re soon running the Walt Disney World Marathon, which is the first marathon for Courtney and Angela.

Perhaps you’re a runner like them and understand the many challenges to overcome. Some of the things that you have to learn are mental. Meaning, you have to get yourself to a place where you run, even when you don’t want to do it. Other times, you have to power through the pain that arises from your running, or worse, injuries.

We sat with Angela and Courtney and spoke to them a little about the challenges they’ve experienced. It’s not easy training for a marathon. Let’s see what our teammates, and other runners and marathoners, have to overcome.

Marathon runners develop mental strength

Even before marathoners set feet to the pavement, they have to become is mentally tough. Being a runner and marathoner is a hard challenge, and it will mentally put you through your paces. There are several activities that runners do to get their head where it needs to run long distances. These tips will help you as well to develop mental strength. The best place to start is to prepare your body right. This is done with a healthy diet and strengthening exercises, such as weights. When your body is strong, it can help you overcome the self-doubt that can creep into your thoughts. Another activity to develop mental strength and focus is to practice meditation.

Runners strengthen the body beyond running

Running is the main activity for runners. But, like the mind, the body has to develop in various. As a result, when you do other exercises and body strengthening, it helps you get to peak performance. When you’re at the top of your abilities on your body’s fitness, you avoid injuries. Those can sideline you and prevent you from reaching your goals. For instance, weight training is essential for marathon runners. It builds good muscle tone in your arms, core, and legs. Other exercises that will help you be a successful runner is to do planks or back extensions. When you strengthen your body, not only do you prevent injuries. You also improve your speed and performance.

Marathoners may miss personal events

The closer a marathon runner gets to the date of a run, the more they have to focus their routine. That means they have to be careful with what they eat. They also need to ensure that they’re keeping up with the prescribed program to run 26.2 miles. Meaning, if there are personal engagements or events, marathon runners may miss these events. Courtney and Angela have had to skip some nights out with friends and family. They’ve had to make sure not to set back what they’ve achieved as they’ve trained. It’s not easy, but the goal of completing a marathon has to be at the top. So, plan well!

Runners have to love their feet

When you’re running, your feet take the weight of your body every time they strike the pavement. In other words, your feet are doing a lot of overtime work. As a result, marathon runners have to love their feet. Make it a point always to wear running sneakers that fit you well and will help you perform. Also, marathon runners are running miles every week. So, it’s essential to change the sneakers every 300 to 500 miles. One other thing that runners have to try to avoid is blisters. Make it a point, if you’re running a marathon, to read up on how to prepare your feet. The big work will begin 3 weeks before the marathon.

Marathon runners have to understand how to hydrate

When on the run, runners have to meet the challenge of dehydration. Marathon runners know that they’re going to run a long distance. And, they can’t account for the weather on the day of any run, including a marathon. You’re in luck because researchers have been looking into hydration and running. A strategy some marathon runners do is to run until they need to drink. It’s reasonable in some conditions, according to researchers. Yet, it’s vital for marathoners to understand how the human body works. And, it’s particularly true for hot days. Fortunately, there are ways that you can prepare yourself for a run in intense heat.

Marathon runners have a lot of passion. It’s a tough sport, but a greater good can come from it. When you’re no longer in need of your sneakers, marathoners know that their running shoes can make a social impact.



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