How to Stay Fit During the Holidaysposted on December 5, 2019

By now, you may have been helping yourself to the eggnog, holiday cookies, and apple pie. And in all of the indulging, exercise seems like it’s something that’s becoming the last thing you want to do. Nevertheless, it’s essential to know how to stay fit during the holidays because if not, all your hard work can go to waste. But there’s even more that can happen. The following are 4 reasons you should keep exercising during holiday time.

  1. You can gain weight easily during the holidays.
  2. The holidays are a season of stress, and keeping active reduces anxiety and improves your mood.
  3. With the arrival of winter, there is less daylight and increased depression. Exercise helps reduce these symptoms.
  4. When you continue keeping active, you provide structure in your life.

So, now that you know the reasons for exercise let’s look at some quick tips for how to stay fit during the holidays.

  1. Keeping active requires structure

If you’ve been exercising for a while, or are training for a marathon, then you have a routine. But, even if you’re starting an exercise routine late in the calendar year, this first tip holds. Although it’s tempting to deviate from your planned schedule, stick to it. You probably have lots of events and things to do during the holiday season. But, take time at the start of each week to plan when you will workout. By scheduling exercise into your calendar—in black and white—it will be tougher to deviate from the plan.

  1. Get creative during the holidays

Did you ever consider that you don’t just have to head to the gym to get exercise? What about switching things up and spending time with family and friends? For instance, you can burn calories by skating around an ice rink. Skating is not only fun, but it’s an enjoyable way to spend time with loved ones and helps you continue with your exercise routine. In fact, depending on your weight and the amount of time you ice skate, you burn between 250 and 670 calories! So, add ice skating to your winter activity plans with your family and friends.

  1. Plan ahead when you decide to travel

As we all know, the holiday season means there’s a lot of travel. And, while that’s fun, it can be a challenge. If you follow our blog, then you might have seen our post about keeping fit while vacationing. Our team happens to have two powerful women who are training for the Disney marathon in January. It’s been through their discipline that we’ve got these pointers for how to stay fit during the holidays and travel. Depending on where you’re traveling, diversify your training. For example, if you happen to be near the wilderness, take a long hike or bike ride through the woods. Therefore, when vacationing, do a little planning by researching what you can do in the area.

  1. Get a buddy to stay active with you

An excellent idea that’s also more fun is to recruit a buddy to exercise with you. If you will stay local for the duration of the holiday season, then it’s easy to check in with family and friends to find a buddy. But, even if you plan on traveling, you can ask people if they would like to join with you in keeping fit during the holidays. When you recruit a buddy, it gets tougher not to stay active. In other words, you have someone else—aside from yourself—that is depending on you as a partner. By the way, even if you know only couch potatoes, you can find a group on social media platforms that will work out with you.

  1. Yes, there’s an app for that—or a group

Our final tip for how to stay fit during the holidays is, of course, to go digital. As we mentioned above, find a group on Facebook, through Meet-up, but also on apps such as MyFitness Pal, to keep you motivated and on course. However, remember, the digital world can offer you dozens of other apps to keep you going. Here’s a list of 42 great workout apps. In sum, even though the holidays bring a lot of indulgences, you can stay true to your workout routine and not gain weight or lose the results that you worked so hard to attain!


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