How to Exercise at Home During the Covid-19 Crisisposted on April 6, 2020

Before we get into how to exercise at home, we want first to express our thanks to our supporters. We are touching base with running groups, retailers, sports clubs, and teams, and we appreciate how everyone is rolling up their sleeves to help in their communities. Rest assured that in this time of need, our social enterprise is doing what it does best. Meaning, continue to offer the athletic community a way to support their favorite causes with our Sneakers For Good program. But, we also provide valuable information to experienced and new runners, marathoners, and athletes.

So, we want to share this essential response to the Covid-19 crisis from Running USA. By clicking the link, you’ll find webinar information, as well as information about postponements, and sites for peer-to-peer discussions.

1) Home Fitness for Runners

Runner’s World has put together a few excellent resources for runners and home exercise. For instance, check out their guide on the best home workouts for runners. In it, you’ll get a slew of information that redirects to other resources. That includes how to work your entire body in the living room and also 8 moves you can do with just a chair to work your whole body. And, don’t miss their ultimate guide to strength training.

2) Social Distancing Training

Social distancing doesn’t mean that your training has to end. As you know, it’s essential, especially during periods of confinement for mind, body, and spirit to stay as fit as possible. So, another resource that we found for home exercise is this video published in The Washington Post. Prepared initially for travelers for a 20-minute workout, it can also help you at home.

3) Home Exercise at Home for Beginners

Hey, we all have to start somewhere, so if you thought of getting started running, but now can’t because of the crisis, no worries. We have information that helps start without the need to go out. Check out the 6 best exercises you can do to get started as a beginner at home. If you want to start on a challenge, take a look at this 28-day workout from Runtastic.

4) How to Eat Well at Home During Quarantine

As you know, it’s not only crucial to do home exercise, but it’s also essential to eat well. So, we’ve got you covered there too. Fortunately, there are excellent resources for healthy eating options during the pandemic crisis. For instance, take a look at these easy recipes to cook at home. Because nutrition is part of staying fit, here’s a list of items that you should have on hand in your kitchen.

5) Know What to Do

Staying healthy also means knowing what to do beyond how to exercise at home and eat well. Therefore, two places you should check out for information during the pandemic to remain safe. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a lot of information on its site concerning Covid-19. Also, you can find vital information to protect yourself and those you love at the website of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Finally, as you know, people and groups around the nation and world have mobilized to work and help people now and also toward recovery. One of the things many need is financial resources. You can make a difference with the Sneakers For Good program. Take a moment to read about what it’s about and also consider obtaining free information by contacting us or calling 407-930-2979.


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