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The recent controversy with Nike selecting Colin Kaepernick as the new face in its “Just Do It” campaign created a lot of media and social media discussions. There was support and also many critics of the selection. Many people in the public took to burning and destroying their Nike sneakers and apparel in anger of the choice of the former football player for the new Nike ads.

Despite the controversy, did you know that there’s something better that you can do with your athletic sneakers?

Sneakers4Funds is not going to choose a side, but what we are going to tell you is that if you thought about destroying your Nike athletic shoes, there’s something better that you can do with them. By giving them to Sneakers4Funds, you can support our brave men and women who have served in the U.S. military. The need is great of our veterans, and they could use the funds that would be raised by you, your family, friends, and community giving us all of your gently worn, used and new Nike athletic shoes (or any other brand for that matter!).

We recently issued a press release asking people to support veterans in the ‘Don’t BURN, But EARN’ campaign.

This is what our founder, Wayne Elsey said,

“What’s happening now with the Nike protests is good for Nike because it gets the brand out there again. All publicity is good publicity, even if it is a boycott. But, because of the work we do helping veterans charities along with many other organizations, and also small business owners in developing nations who need athletic shoes so they can sell them and get themselves out of poverty the public can make a better statement right now by not burning or destroying athletic shoes. For us, this is not taking one side or another on a social issue, but instead doing what’s right for our veterans to help them, as well as the micro-entrepreneurs we partner with in developing countries every day. In other words, we need the athletic shoes people want to get rid of right now, and we are calling on the public to consider giving us their sneakers for this special fundraiser. ‘Don’t BURN, But EARN Funds’ for veterans.”

Here’s what we’re asking of you…

The controversy with Nike and Colin Kaepernick will likely have receded from the front pages of the news cycle by the time you read this, but our country’s veterans will still be in need of YOUR support! Help us collect all of the gently worn, used and new athletic shoes in your community to support YOUR preferred veterans organization.  

Here’s how it works (it’s very easy). 

  1. Contact Sneakers4Funds for more information.
  2. Tell us which is your designated veteran’s charity, and if you don’t have one––no problem; we’ll help you select a reputable organization.
  3. Collect athletic shoes.
  4. Ship the sneakers and trainers to us in one of our special prepaid bags.
  5. Sneakers4Funds will issue a check to your preferred veteran’s charity.

It’s that easy.

Sneakers4Funds is the leading athletic shoe drive fundraising company in the nation. Whether you want to give away your sneakers because of the Nike controversy, or you just want to help out our courageous vets, we’re the answer. As we move into the holiday season, let us help you show our veterans that you (and we) care about them and all they have sacrificed for our country.


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