CrossFit Gym Collecting Sneakers for Goodposted on November 16, 2020

We still have a bit of a way to go to get back to life before the pandemic. But, that doesn’t mean your CrossFit gym can’t start thinking creatively to get customers through your doors. One of the ways to do it is to think out-of-the-box. Today, we want to share a story about one of our CrossFit partners, JonesN4Crossfit. In short, they got a whole lot of new people involved and knowing about their brand. And they did it will collecting sneakers for good.

Yea, 2020 was a tough year. That’s no secret. But, what we do know is that the athletic community doesn’t quit. In fact, when the going gets tough, runners and athletes just go at it harder. For instance, groups continued with their sports by doing virtual races. And in the case of JonesN4Crossfit, it was all about making a difference.

Why does it matter in the CrossFit community?

We know that in 2020 gyms and road races struggled. But there’s no greater community than the fitness community. And that’s because it’s all about being a better version of oneself. When one becomes the best version of themselves, guess what happens? In short, we have the chance to behave as the best versions of ourselves with others. In other words, people who care for themselves end up caring for others. And that’s why we saw athletes around the world get creative in support of their gym and sports communities.

What’s JonesN4’s Story?

We appreciate the team over at JonesN4 as they work to keep their community physically and mentally healthy. We love it that they understand that wellbeing is all about the whole person. JonesN4, like others, needed to think creatively for their gym. In other words, because of the pandemic, they faced temporary gym closure. But they came up with an innovative solution once doors opened again. So what was it? They decided to participate in the Sneakers For Good program.

By collecting sneakers and athletic shoes, the gym decided to raise funds for The Prosthetic Foundation. The organization supports people in need of prosthetic devices. In doing so, JonesN4 looked outside of themselves to help restore hope and independence for people who need prosthetics. Of course, as they sought donations from people, the CrossFit gym raised awareness about their own brand and helped spread a message of hope. Their Facebook posts showed support for solutions to make a difference.

How Does Collecting Sneakers Help My Gym?

So you want to be as successful as JonesN4 was in getting new people to know about them? You might want to consider collecting athletic shoes by becoming a drop-off location. In short, when you help your community recycle sneakers, you raise the visibility of your CrossFit gym. Meaning, you have a new way to get people to come in through your doors. When you collect athletic shoes, you ask your community to give you their old sneakers. By doing so, it’s a chance for people to come to your gym—and drop-off location.

There’s a lot more. For example, you keep athletic shoes from going into the trash. And guess what? That’s good for the environment! But, there’s more to collecting shoes. Like JonesN4 CrossFit, when you collect sneakers, that footwear goes to small businesses like yours worldwide. Many people, especially after the pandemic, have slipped further into poverty. Selling the sneakers you gather allows for small business owners in developing nations to sell the footwear for a profit. In other words, they help themselves, and there’s no need to rely on hand-outs, which they don’t want.

While JonesN4 sought to support The Prosthetic Foundation, if you decide to make an impact in your community, you could raise funds for any cause—including yours. You don’t have to pay a penny, and neither does anyone in your community. Instead, you get issued a check to use as you see fit. We need to spread some good in our towns. Maybe the time has arrived for you to see what all the fuss is about and check it all out.


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