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Running Tips and Tricks from Two Marathoners

Recently, two of our team members, Courtney and Angela, became marathoners! And, because of them, we’ve decided to give you a list of running tips and tricks to help you with your running. In particular, we want to focus on new runners. But surely, any runner can find some value from what our dynamic duo […]

Slow Marathon Runners, An Ode

As you know by now if you follow our blog, we have two soon-to-be marathon runners in training. And, as both of them make the big climb, they’ve learned about how to take their minds and bodies to the limit. They’ve discovered during the journey for training everything from improved breathing to figuring out how […]

Running Coach: OMG! The Best One Ever!

If you’re thinking about the best running coach ever for you, take a read at the experience of our dynamic duo, Courtney and Angela. They’re preparing for the Walt Disney World Marathon. And today, they wanted to discuss the topic of a running coach. Each of the athletes has a different approach as to whether […]

Running Stores Have Got a New CSR Program

Everyone loves their local running stores. It’s where they have a chance to get their new sneakers for working out or walking. When most people walk into running stores, they’re usually dynamic places. And yes, of course, who doesn’t love a new pair of athletic shoes? Running retailers are also a place of high-energy! They […]

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