Burbank Volunteer Program for Youthposted on September 11, 2019

Burbank-volunteer-programToday we observe the 18th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on your country. And, although there has been a lot that has happened in those 18 years in our country, we still produce amazing young men and women. Recently, we had the opportunity to connect with Sergeant Derek Green. He’s an officer with the Burbank Police. Also, he helps by serving at a great Burbank volunteer program for 14 to 21-year-olds. These young men and women should give all of us hope because they seek to serve their communities. Of course, by extension, anyone who thinks of helping in cities and towns across the U.S. also serves our nation’s people.

Not too long ago, our team was very fortunate to partner with the Burbank Police Explorers Program. Further, this program is a volunteer program that is supervised and staffed by the Burbank Police Department. Ultimately, the program aims to provide youth with an opportunity to serve. And, in the process, young people develop their discipline, leadership, and team-building skills. Therefore, when youth enter into the program, they must attend its program every Saturday for 18 weeks. And when completed, they graduate from the Academy.

Burbank volunteer program for the future of our nation’s youth

As Sgt. Green explained, concerning the young people in the program, “The Explorers are motivated by people in their lives to search for a career in which they can make a difference and help the community. Also, the program will help them in life by preparing them for a future of success. We encourage them and mentor them by influencing them on the purpose of morals and values, self-respect for themselves and others.  And, we also prepare them for the future by helping them prepare for job interviews, how to dress for success, and prepare for a future in law enforcement.”

Wonderfully, some Explorers have gone on to become cadets and police officers. Recently, the Burbank Police Explorers Program had two cadets who graduated from the program and were joining the police force. Also, they have had two graduates of the program become Marines, and one has gone to Harvard Law School. In all, this is an excellent program, and it helps drive success for young people in Burbank. And, that’s why fundraising for the program was essential.

A creative fundraiser to support a program for future community leaders in our nation

Let’s face it; we have countless communities across our country. And, although we might be a divided nation, we can still come together as Americans. Also, we understand, particularly on the anniversary of 9/11, that our best days are ahead of us. And, the reason for it is simple. The youth of today care about their country. Meaning, Generation Z are activists in their community. In other words, they seek to make the world a better place. And, the Burbank Police Explorers Program is only one of many other youth development programs across our country.

So, when the Burbank volunteer program decided they wanted to raise money, they looked for a creative fundraiser. Through social media, they learned about shoe drive fundraisers. And, they chose to do a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs. By the way, our brand, Sneakers4Funds, is a division of Funds2Orgs and we focus exclusively on athletic and sneaker drive fundraisers. Nevertheless, the program liked the idea of a shoe drive fundraiser. Sgt. Green said, “We were interested in fundraising in a way that we knew would draw in a large number of funds, and this sounded like the perfect opportunity for us. The Explorers, their family members, and the community all participated in the fundraiser.”

Benefits to the Burbank Explorers Program & all partners

So, as the Burbank Police Explorers Program discovered, several crucial benefits occur with a shoe drive fundraiser, or a sneaker drive fundraiser—depending on your goals.

1. Creative way to raise money:

As the Burbank Explorers Program discovered, you can raise money for your cause—without asking for money. Meaning, we issue you a check for the shoes or sneakers collected. In other words, there’s no need for your supporters to give you money.

2. Help the planet’s sustainability

When you do a sneaker drive fundraiser, for instance, you help the planet. For instance, all of the gently worn, used and new sneakers collected don’t end up in the trash, hurting our environment.

3. Support micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations

The shoes collected for the Burbank volunteer program got shipped to small business owners in developing countries. With our partner, Credential Shoes, we provide a way for micro-entrepreneurs to make a living and help themselves out of poverty.

On this particular day, the team at Sneakers4Funds would like to thank the Burbank Police Explorers Program for trusting us with their fundraiser. We wish you continued years of success. And, we hope that the young men and women who participate in your program continue to go into their communities throughout their lives to serve them.


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