Corporations Are Supporting Breaking the Barriers to Women in Sports

If you follow this blog, then you know that we’re exploring and supporting women sports efforts. A couple of years ago, the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation published a report that explained some of the barriers that women and girls face concerning their participation in sports, which include the following. Lack of time because women […]

How Sneakers Can Make a Social Impact

There are many ways to make a social impact besides merely donating money or volunteering time. The world has become much more socially responsible, and that means that all types of groups, including runners and athletes, have been pushing and creating ways to make things better for others. Today, we’ve got two great organizations to […]

Ironman World Championship and a Woman’s Ultimate Challenge

Our team is listening to what women want to hear and read about in our blog, and we’re responding. In the coming months, we’re going to be featuring a lot more stories about women as athletes, which can happen at any age, as we know. We’ll tell you about a few of the inspiring women […]

Your Old Kicks Can Make a Great Social Impact

Recently, we’ve written several articles that will help you prioritize your fitness and take things to the next level, but there is also social good that can come from your kicks. You might not be aware of it, so keep reading to find out how. But, before we give you some insight as to why […]