Motivation Monday: 7 Tips For An Awesome Week

Here is another week, and so its time for a little Motivation Monday. We hear from so many of our partners that they want to get going on walkathon fundraisers, or making an impact with Sneakers For Good. In other words, there’s so much pent up energy to do good and help. However, let’s face […]

Giving Back: How One Running Store Makes It Work

This year, it makes even more sense for local small businesses and stores to think about giving back. As we work to rebuild our communities across this great country, by giving back, we do so much. For instance, we support social good efforts in our towns and cities. And, as we do more good, you […]

Endurance Sports Coalition: Do Something Now

We know that times are not the same. For instance, people have to take runs or do training on their own or making sure to be socially distant, and others now find it best to exercise at home. And, just as you’ve changed your life and training, this also affects sporting events. As a result, […]

How to Exercise at Home During the Covid-19 Crisis

Before we get into how to exercise at home, we want first to express our thanks to our supporters. We are touching base with running groups, retailers, sports clubs, and teams, and we appreciate how everyone is rolling up their sleeves to help in their communities. Rest assured that in this time of need, our […]

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