About Usthe leader in athletic shoe drive fundraisers

Sneakers4Funds is the leading social enterprise for sneaker drive fundraisers in the United States

We are a social enterprise founded by runners just looking to use our sneakers for good. Once upon a time, Sneakers4Funds was a division of the leading shoe drive fundraising company in North America, Funds2Orgs. Ultimately, because of high interest and demand by running clubs, retailers, marathons, mud runs, and gyms, Sneakers4Funds became an independent brand.

Did you know 300 million people around the world cannot afford shoes? Taking a look at our model we built with Funds2Orgs, we set out to find a way for runners to responsibly recycle their running shoes and give them a second life with someone in need. Runners are advised to purchase a new pair of sneakers every 300 miles. Many of those used running shoes can be worn as walking shoes, making them a product that’s highly demanded by micro-entrepreneurs and their customers. Our Sneakers For Good Program is a simple, sustainable fundraiser that helps the running community give back just by repurposing and recycling their running shoes. We want to help make a difference one pair at a time.

Sneakers4Funds has several programs depending on your group, organization or team and it provides everything you need for free. Yes, you read that right, free!

  • Running clubs, marathons, and gyms can raise thousands of dollars just by collecting sneakers from their supporters and community.
  • Our Running Retailer Program helps owners of running stores to give back to their community and running club while demonstrating corporate social responsibility.
  • Nonprofits and mud run organizations can host a creative fundraiser by collecting muddy sneakers after events.
  • All sneakers collected help micro-entrepreneurs (small business owners) in developing nations who sell the sneakers for a profit and help them out of poverty.
  • Sneaker drive fundraisers provide a sustainable solution and a socially responsible way to dispose of sneakers, running shoes, and other types of athletic shoes.

Sneakers4Funds is a social enterprise that seeks to make a positive impact around the world by applying business strategies to seek improvement in human well-being.

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