About Usthe leader in athletic shoe drive fundraisers

Sneakers4Funds is a division of the leading social enterprise for shoe drive fundraising in the United States, Funds2Orgs.

Sneakers4Funds was a division of the leading shoe drive fundraising company in North America, Funds2Orgs. Ultimately, because of high interest and demand by sports clubs, teams, marathons, mud runs, schools or other groups for athletic shoe drive fundraisers, Sneakers4Funds became an independent brand.

Sports groups and organizations discovered with Sneakers4Funds a creative way to raise funds that didn’t involve selling products or asking their champions for money. Instead, they realized that the currency for fundraising could be something their supporters had plenty of in their homes––athletic shoes.

Sneakers4Funds has several programs depending on your group, organization or team and it provides everything you need with no out-of-pocket costs.

  • Raise thousands of dollars for your group or team.
  • Help micro-entrepreneurs (small business owners) in developing nations who sell the athletic shoes for a profit and help them in out of poverty.
  • Athletic shoe drive fundraisers are the socially responsible way to dispose of sneakers, trainers and other types of athletic shoes.

Sneakers4Funds provides everything needed for fundraising success, with no out-of-pocket costs. Donors appreciate the fact they can support their favorite team, groups, sport, or school program by just giving their athletic shoes, and not selling empty calories or having to make a financial donation. We then issue a check to your organization for the footwear collected.