5 Ways to Get New Sports Club Members You Have Not Thought Of

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November 14, 2018
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If you work at a gym or sports club, it’s vital to ensure that your group is part of the community. Ingraining yourself in your town is vital because your organization thrives on getting new champions and members to join your club. Each year, you have people join your gym or club, but then they fall off the rolls. You may be left trying how to figure out ways to get new people on board since you have to cover your fixed expenses no matter what happens. There’s no reason that your sports group can’t be an essential part of your local town and you can retain your current members and have an excellent pipeline of prospective members.

Getting Your Sports Group More Visible

We have five awesome ideas to get you started on promoting your sports group that you haven’t thought about until now. Let’s get started!

  1. Text Code Generators: Texting is one of the easiest and the preferred method of communication so many people who want to send or recive information quickly. The smart businesses understand this and use text codes for promoting specials. If you’re having a discount promotion for the holidays, or better still, the New Year, why not take a look at FitnessTexter, which is used exclusively by fitness organizations?
  2. Bootcamp for the Bride & Groom: Come January 2019, everyone is back to focusing on trying to be their best selves, especially men and women who are walking down the aisle in the spring or summer. Create a promotion for these brides and grooms who are set to be married. And, if you want to be more assertive in promoting the concept, by taking a look at the wedding announcements in your local papers, you’ll have the names of people who are recently engaged. Don’t be shy. Send them an invitation to your bootcamp!
  3. Get Reviews for the Better Business Bureau and SEO: Tell your current members and champions that you’ll be providing them with discounts or, better still, a free week or two for anyone who writes a review for your club on the Better Business Bureau, Yelp or Trustpilot. But, if you want to do something better, which will help your business in the search engine rankings, ask your supporters to write a Google review for you. By doing so, your champions will help you increase your ranking on the largest search engine on the planet when people are searching for a local sports club.
  4. Get Corporate Champions: We know that health costs continue to spiral into the stratosphere. Corporations, who have to offer health insurance plans to their employees want and need ways to lower these costs. Having healthy employees is one way to do it. Offer the corporations in your community discounts if they steer their team members to your gym or club. All of these businesses are looking for a wellness program they can promote. Think about offering a discount or negotiating a rate, a percentage of which the company will pick up, to get their employees to join your group.
  5. Think About Social Good: Today’s consumer is much more sophisticated than even 10 years ago. One of the best ways to set your club or group apart is by making a social impact. You can do this, for instance, with an athletic shoe drive fundraiser, which will not cost you––or your members––a penny. All that’s needed are their gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. This creative fundraiser is not only good for the environment, but it raises money for a good cause and helps other small businesses in developing nations around the world.

Hopefully, these ideas have you thinking about the possibilities. There’s always an attrition rate that happens annually. So, it’s vital to keep looking for new members to join your club, and by doing fun and exciting things, you’ll be able to capture new market segments.


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