3 of the Coolest Sneakers for Sneakerheads or Fashionistasposted on January 23, 2019

Sneakers have moved beyond the gym and have become fashion. These days it’s acceptable to wear sneakers, as a fashion statement, to work, restaurants and even black-tie events. Sneakers have become a staple in the wardrobes of people young and old all around the world.

For sneakerheads and many others who want to make a statement, they are wearing sneakers in differing styles, colors and with even unique lacing to express their individuality beyond the gym or running road. Fortunately, there are many brands and designs on the market that can fit the needs and aesthetic tastes of anyone.

Many people today have a pair or two, or three or more sneakers in their closets and they’re always on the lookout for the next athletic shoes to buy, which can be inexpensive or can cost more $1,000.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few of the best sneakers that will have you feel and look great. Then we’re going to go a little further and tell you an easy way to get rid of any sneakers you no longer want or need in a way that is a win/win/win.

  1. Outdoor Voices and Hoka One One

These two brands have joined forces and created a special edition Clifton 4, which features several colors to make a bold statement. However, the athletic shoe is also about performance for runners. It is created with maximum breathability, is lightweight and offers the signature cushioning of Hoka One One.

  1. Nike SF Air Force 1

This sneaker is the creation of the athletic giant, Nike. The athletic shoes are a favorite of sneakerheads because of its unique design. It is inspired by the Nike Special Field Boots and allows people to add a military style to their look. If you’re a man or woman who is looking to wear a pair of sneakers that make a statement and are not your run of the mill design, this pair could be for you.

  1. Nike LeBron 16

No sneaker list would be complete without a sneaker for LeBron James. The LeBron 16 was designed by Jason Petrie and launched in the fall of 2018. The sneaker design has multiple colors and is one of the most popular athletic shoes for fans of LeBron James, basketball or a great pair of sneakers.

Once you’ve decided that you’re looking to get new sneakers, we have a way for you dispose of the sneakers you no longer want or need, which offers multiple wins. If you’re a member of any group, including clubs and teams, your unwanted sneakers can become money for your favorite cause. It’s a great way to support a cause, without having to give any money.

What’s more, those old sneakers can make a global impact. Instead of throwing athletic shoes into the trash, which would then harm the environment as they decompose and release toxins into the air, the sneakers get sent to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations.

When you partner with our team, which just so happens to be the most significant athletic shoe drive fundraising company in the nation, you have an opportunity to do something fantastic with your favorite old sneakers. With climate change and social responsibility being important global values, everyone from sneakerheads to fashionistas has a chance to do something great, not only for themselves but for so many others.

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