10x Rule: Success Comes With a Focus on the 10%posted on October 19, 2020

Life can be challenging, but the difference between those who succeed and those who merely exist is focus and belief. Grant Cardone wrote about the 10x rule. In essence, what he spoke about was fueling yourself out of mediocrity with maximum effort and goals. In other words, multiply anything you need to do by a factor of 10. That is what it will take for you to slingshot into extraordinary success. A massive effort will get you the success you want, and even if you don’t achieve exceptional heights, you get much further.

As someone who is all about athleticism and fitness, you understand the pain and reality of the 10x rule. What Cardone says is true, as the best athletes and performers know. It takes maximum effort—beyond what you think is possible—to achieve great success. However, there is another way to look at success in anything you do, from sports to business and life. It’s by focusing like a laser on the 10%.

A dear friend of our founder, Wayne Elsey, inspired him to think about focusing on the 10%. And, it had to do with playing the hand he was dealt as if it’s the one he wanted to play.

Focusing on the 10% inspired by a friend

You may not know his name, but Wayne had the privilege to know one of the best people to walk this earth. Perhaps that’s a bold statement, but that’s how Wayne felt about Francis J. Venincasa. Wayne thought of  Fran and someone who was like the salt of the earth. And it was Fran that reminded Wayne of a valuable lesson in focusing on the 10% of life.

Fran was born in 1932, and he died at the age of 80 in 2012. In between, he was fun, had many close and meaningful relationships, and was a positive person to the core. Fran served in the military and got stationed in Alaska during the Korean War. Once the military discharged him, he became a builder.

Fran developed a highly successful construction company, and when his sons grew up, they took over the family business. Fran was a worker, and he didn’t get public accolades for building his business and taking care of his family. Yet, those who knew him understood that Fran was a force to be reckoned with because he was full of heart and spirit. Ultimately, Fran showed what focusing on the 10% meant, including mastering the 10x rule Cardone wrote about in his book.


Dealing the cards and accepting a tough diagnosis

Later in life, Fran was diagnosed with cancer. In short, it was grim when the doctors informed him of the diagnosis. He had terminal cancer and had only a few months to live. For sure, that was devastating news for almost anyone. And the way Wayne tells it is that Fran was not superhuman. Like anyone else, he hurt. But Fran also did something with the news that took immense courage when he decided to focus on the 10%.

The doctors informed him that he had only a 10% chance of surviving beyond a few months. So, Fran focused on the 10% chance, and not the 90% chance that he would not make it. The reality is that many people likely would dwell on the 90% chance of dying. Nevertheless, Fran decided that with whatever time he had on this earth, he would set his sights on the 10% of living—whatever that meant for him and his journey.

Could you imagine the amount of discipline and courage it took for Fran to do that every single day? In sum, what that meant is that he didn’t allow cancer to define his life. He set out to face his greatest adversary, and likely his spirit, head-on.

10% Focus for anything will get you further

Ultimately, Fran did pass. However, Fran kept focusing on the 10% for years (not merely months) after that dreaded diagnosis. He didn’t flinch from the battle. Because of his tenacity and determination, Fran spent years more with his family and close friends. And they were all the richer for the additional days Fran gave to himself through sheer force of will.

So, in many ways, it’s always your choice. You wake up each morning, and you have a choice about what you will do. If you decide you want more out of life, you could choose to focus on the 10% as Fran did, or apply the 10x rule, as Cardone writes about in his book. Fortunately, you can select the fuel to keep you going. For instance, you could sharpen and develop your energy to focus through sports and fitness, marathons, or motivation Mondays. Whatever you choose to do, bear in mind that your success begins with how you view and perceive your reality.


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