Running Retailer Program

If you have consumer returns or excess inventory which is unsold or unwanted, you have a chance to turn those athletic shoes into money and profit for your running store! Sneakers4Funds will issue you a check for all of that merchandise.

What do you get with no out-of-pocket costs for the Running Retailer shoe drive fundraising program?

Challenge for Running Stores

Every year, millions of athletic shoes are placed in "off-price" channels in an attempt by companies to recover money for returns, unsold or unwanted footwear. But, when these items end up in discount shops or outlets, the brand image can be hurt. In many cases, brands prefer to destroy or throw away the athletic shoes rather than jeopardize their brand. However, as corporations, businesses, government, and society try to deal with global climate change, adding to the world's carbon footprint is not socially responsible.

Instead, when you reach out to Sneakers4Funds, we will issue you a check for sneakers, trainers, or other types of athletic shoes you have in your store, including:

  • Sales samples
  • Customer returns
  • Factory defects
  • Hash lots and overstock

What happens with the athletic shoes?

When Sneakers4Funds issues you a check for the athletic shoes, we consolidate the footwear with others and ship the merchandise to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations around the planet. Because of systemic poverty and lack of job opportunities, millions around the world have to create their own work prospects, and many turn to selling athletic shoes in their local communities for commerce and profit.

Find out TODAY how Sneakers4Funds can take the unwanted athletic shoes off your hands for money. Call us at 407-930-2979 or email us at