Raise Money for Your
Running or Sports Club By
Collecting Athletic Shoes at a Mud Run

Is your running club or sports club looking for a cool fundraising event?

Or, are you already having a mud run event and seeking a way to raise revenue and awareness?

Are you looking to raise money for one of the following?

  • Team shirts
  • Sports equipment
  • Sponsorship of athletes
  • Scholarship funds
Then Sneakers4Funds is your answer. By collecting gently worn, used and new athletic shoes, you can raise money and build brand awareness for your club during a Mud Run event.

You don't have to ask anyone for money.

All you do is ask your champions, team, club members and supporters for their sneakers. Sneakers4Funds will then issue your sports or running club a check for the athletic footwear.

Mud Runs are a competitive and fun way clubs and teams can raise money, excite their members and raise awareness in their community. A Mud Run is a competitive athletic obstacle course or trail that is created for participants to complete. The course is typically 5 kilometers to 10 kilometers, and it is meant to test teamwork skills, strength, and stamina. Some Mud Runs are a race, and competitive Mud Runners will seek to win as fast as possible. Other Mud Runs are simply for fun, and it does not matter who comes in first, second or third; what's more important is that Mud Runners have fun and finish.

A Mud Run course provides both fun and a challenge to runners. The course itself may include obstacle jumps through muddy water, crawling through pipes, rope and wall climbing.

With Sneakers4Funds, the athletic shoes used by the participants become currency for your sports or running club.

What happens with the sneakers collected by your organization and given to Sneakers4Funds so you can receive a check?

The muddy athletic footwear is cleaned then consolidated with others from other athletic shoe drives and mud runs across the country. Sneakers4Funds then ships the sneakers and trainers to developing countries around the world. The athletic shoes are re-purposed; in other words, given a new life. In developing nations where individuals have limited work and job opportunities, micro-entrepreneurs purchase the shoes for pennies on the dollar. The small business owners then sell the re-purposed footwear in their local communities for a profit and livelihood.

By donating gently worn, used and new athletic shoes to your Mud Run, not only do your supporters raise money for your group, but they help countless families around the world create their own economic paths out of poverty.

Why not take a moment and find out what Sneakers4Funds can do for you to help you raise money in a truly unique, fun and engaging way during a Mud Run event.

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