Mud Run Races

Are you looking for a cool fundraiser for your mud run event? Our partners have raised money for team shirts, sports equipment, athlete sponsorship, scholarship funds and more during a mud run event.

By collecting gently worn, used and new athletic shoes, you can raise funds and build brand awareness during a mud run event. You don't have to ask anyone for money or ask your champs to sell anything. All you do is ask your supporters and community for their athletic shoes. Sneakers4Funds will then issue you a check for the athletic footwear.

What do you get when you sign up for a mud run athletic shoe drive fundraiser?

When you partner with Sneakers4Funds, you get everything you need for success without any out-of-pocket expenses, including:

  • The collection materials, which includes special green mesh bags for gathering the sneakers.
  • All of the marketing materials you’ll need to promote your fundraising event, including a custom landing page on
  • Tips and strategies across social media to help you promote your fundraiser.
  • Fundraising coaches to help you from start to finish!
  • Pick-up of the athletic shoes by the Sneakers4Funds logistics team.
  • A check issued to you within 2 business days of the receipt of the sneakers at the Sneakers4Funds warehouse.
What Types of Athletic Shoes Are Collected?
Sneakers4Funds seeks athletic shoes that are gently worn, used and new. This type of footwear includes sneakers, trainers, cross-trainers, walking shoes, racing shoes and even cleats.

Why not take a moment and find out what Sneakers4Funds can do for you to help you raise money in a truly unique, fun and engaging way during a mud run event?