5 Ways to Start Exercising…When You Don’t Want To Do It

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There’s no time like today to get started exercising so you can live a long and healthy life. You don’t have to wait to start doing what you should be doing to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

We get it.

Exercise can be tough, and it demands time (something you have very little of with your work and personal responsibilities). But the reality is that when you exercise, not only are you benefiting your muscles, you’re also releasing chemicals in your body and getting a host of other benefits that will help you to deal with the demands on your time much more effectively.

The following are just a couple of the benefits of a regular exercise program: 

  • Exercise helps you lower stress.
  • It is an excellent strengthener for your heart and circulatory system.
  • It helps you decrease your cholesterol.
  • Exercise secretes hormones on your body, which are good for your overall mood and fights against depression.
  • It helps you control your weight.
  • Exercise reduces the risk of cancer.
  • It helps strengthen bones.

Those are just a few of the fantastic benefits you get from exercising. So, how can you get started if you don’t have an exercise routine, but want to begin one once and for all that you will continue to do long-term?

  1. Get positive about exercise. If you don’t regularly exercise, just starting a program can be a significant chore. Change your thinking about it. Instead of considering it drudgery, think about how you are taking a step toward an improved lifestyle. Stay confident, determined and focused on making exercise a part of your lifetsyle.
  2. Start small. On average, you’ll want to get to the point where you are regularly exercising for 30 to 45 minutes several times a week. But to get there, you have to start small. Begin with just 5 minutes a day, for instance, which is 5 minutes more than you were doing. Then increase the time in 5-minute increments until you are your goal for the time you need to exercise.
  3. Have fun exercising. Yes, that could sound strange to a person who doesn’t regularly exercise, but exercise is movement, which means to get started you can begin with by walking, hiking, taking a Zumba class, yoga, dancing, martial arts, or biking. Choose something that is fun for you to do and then get started. Remember, exercising doesn’t have to involve a gym, and some of the best exercises can be done outdoors.
  4. Be accountable…to someone else. If you have a friend who is joining you or a sports event you’ll be attending, like a road race or mud run that you’ve registered to do, the chances are higher that you will exercise. Get a friend to be an exercise buddy or register to do a short, fun race that will get you motivated to work out.
  5. Go dancing. A great way to exercise that will not feel like it and will be lots of fun is to go dancing. If you’re not the type of person who wants to go to a club because those days are behind you, sign up for a dance class. You’ll get in a great workout, meet new people and learn a few suave dance steps in the process!

Developing a regular exercise routine does not have to be an insurmountable challenge. With a little creativity and thought, you can get started improving your overall health and well-being by exercising.

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